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Our winery visits and tastings are reserved for the trade only, as much as possible we are happy to welcome you Monday to Friday. Please contact your local wine store or our distributor and they will contact us to make a reservation.  We can be reached by phone at +39 0173 50835 or by email at Our visits are grouped together by language and limited to a maximum number of 10 people at a time.    During harvest time, September - October, the winery is closed.    
First vintage of Unoperuno is 2010, born almost as a game, as a bet in the family.   In spring 2010 at a family lunch my dad Elio served a bottle of Larigi (barbera) 1986, notoriously not a great vintage because of hail and rain and a wine we rarely drank because of the very few bottles left in the family library, with great surprise the wine was fantastic.   To quote Antonio Galloni “ The 1986 Vigna Larigi is the first in what will turn out to be a series of remarkable wines. Graphite, wild herbs and black cherries are some of the nuances that emerge from this deeply-color
The idea behind the revolution that took place in the Langhe in the 80s is a very complex and proufound topic, far away from the simplification of the introduction of barriques. This article written by Joshua Dunning, available on his website is a very interesting read that considers all the aspects, putting everyhting into the right historic and social context. As Joshua Dunning writes "The time has come for commentators, drinkers and those studious in wine to ditch this binary, acknowledge the far-reaching p
To know and understand more about L’ Insieme and the charity foundation, please take a minute to read this essay it has been written by Dan George, a wine lover, a writer, a friend from New Mexico   you can follow Dan on his wine blog at:     L' Insieme   The self is not singular, it is the summation of its universal parts. This can be felt in acts of philanthropy and benefaction. The L’Insieme association is a wine growers initiative and charitable organization founded in 1997 by Elio Altare one of Europe’s
Labor of Love: Wine Family Woman of Piemonte by Suzanne Hoffman   In Labor of Love: Wine Family Women of Piemonte, Suzanne Hoffman tells the stories of 22 wine families - including ours- rooted for generations in Piemonte’s Langhe, Roero, and Monferrato regions. The book includes over 200 photographs, many of which came from the families, and genealogies she prepared with each family. It’s a first of its kind look, filled with many behind-the-label stories, some of which were never told in print before. It’s the perfect pairing to a great bottle of Piemonte wine! &
For the first time on the big screen "Barolo Boys, The Story of a Revolution" tells the fascinating story of Barolo wine and how it exploded as a world phenomenon.   Barolo' s current success is mainly due to the courage and the initiative of this group of small wine makers, the so-called Barolo Boys  
Several years in the making, this side-by-side retrospective of Elio Altare’s Barolo Arborina and Langhe Arborina provided the backdrop for an exploration of the career of one of Piedmont’s most ambitious growers. Known for taking a chainsaw to his father’s old casks in a fit of desperation, Elio Altare is one of the architects of what is often referred to as the “modern” school in Barolo, a movement created by a group of young growers in the 1980s who wanted to shake up Piedmont’s sleepy establishment. Although Altare has made dazzling wines for decades, wh
Although Elio Altare is best known for the superb Barolos he crafts from the Arborina and Brunate vineyards, his entire range is among the most consistently brilliant in Italy. This truly once in a lifetime retrospective tasting traced the development of Altare’s Vigna Larigi, an old-vine Barbera made from a  tiny one-hectare plot on the Arborina hillside. For the occasion Altare opened every vintage of Larigi from 1985 to 2006 - with the exception of the 1983 and 1984, which could not be located – a rare event by any measure, most importantly because Altare himself had never