Philosophy of life and work

Our wines are simple and natural, and we would like you to know that:

  • vineyards are cultivated without the use of any chemicals or pesticides (unless it’s strictly necessary) or any other substance that might interfere with the cycle of the vine or of the grapes growing.

  • We only use copper and copper sulphate, and we fertilize with organic cow manure.

  • During the alcoholic fermentation we don’t inoculate with yeast, we only use our indigenous yeasts, to this follows a natural malolactic fermentation.

  • We don’t filter or clarify the wine.

  • We don’t use any substance that could modify the colour or the structure of the wine.

  • The sulphur level is way lower than what the Italian government would allow us to use.
We don’t apply biodynamic or similar methods, we simply work the vineyards and the vines how they have been working them for hundreds of generations.

Our first goal is our health and the health of the people that work with us, respecting the land and environment, because it’s from the vineyards that we get our only profit.

The landscape is the only patrimony that we get from our parents, and we have the duty and the moral commitment to preserve it as much as we can to be able to pass it to the next generations.