Cinqueterre Cantina Campogrande

Cinqueterre etichetta
Via di loca 189 - 19017 Riomaggiore (SP) ITALY -
Vineyard area: 2 hectares 
Varieties grown: Bosco 90% e Albarola 10%
Total production: 5.600 bottles
Growing: System Guyot and pergola
Plants per hectare: 15.000 -16.000, depending on the vineyard

  • Green harvest during summer before harvest 
  • Harvest in about end of august – mid September
  • Harvest is only manual 
Tasting notes:
This wines shows strong briny notes due to the vineyards constant exposure of ocean breeze, a strong minerality. The vines grow on a unique rocky soil, its really citrusy and has a strong smell like grapefruit, and other typical Mediterranean herbs like sage. Good acidity and not too high PH give freshness to the wine and make it pleasant, drinkable and supposedly ages very well.